GCP Episode 5: 🔮 Hello Brandhackers

🔥🤖 McDonalds goes AI, 🇨🇳 influencer costs, Adobe’s ‘discover, try, buy, use and renew’; the 📊 data/creative brief 🙌 stay human [👀 The Week’s Insights] 👉Hello automated marketer. While we saw Accenture acquire Droga5 last week fusing strategy & creative, with Publicis’ acquisition of Epsilon this week, another major ad network buys into staying relevant, via data. It’s now very clear all the pieces are coming together for true User Journey Marketing - that mobile phone in your customers hand = a data treasure. Your customers usage of your Facebook ads = a data treasure. Current privacy issues aside, as the digital transformation of our economy comes to full fruition, there’s no doubt digital is happening, with data at the center of ‘the digital’ - as Shoshanna Zuboff in

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