Episode 6:🔮 D2C brand values

🔥 🏄‍♂️ D2C brand values, 🚴‍♂️ The Peloton Effect, 📴 Instagram eComm, 🏋️ A.I. Trans; 🇨🇳 China/Facebook; 🙌 Stay human [👀 The Week’s RoundUp Trends & Insights] 👉Hello automated marketer. From the Peloton effect of innovation, to D2C being much more than just a marketing label, but actually an ‘operating system and set of aesthetic beliefs’ that startups are applying to take marketshare from legacy brands through ‘admirable front-end branding, vertical integration and high customer retention’. It all goes back to that first party data at the center of the D2C business model. And while we continue to cover the D2C movement here in the States, its increasingly being played out first in China. China as a data & AI ‘first’ nation is beginning to lead digitally (note: world’s most innovative company, taking the lead in scientific research from the U.S., now a creative superpower, global large tech giants, launching global viral algorithm driven apps like TikTok that ‘learn you’). But while we in democratic/capitalist countries may have been led to the water by Facebook innovations, our representative are now buckling down on Big Tech. While we need certain privacy approaches reworked, it’s still as Mark Zuckerberg said - that if Congress buckles down too harshly, we stifle innovation and basically hand digital ‘leadership’ to China. China, a mobile first country, is taking dramatic new approaches to marketing to its citizens. The implications are real that as it continues to build relationships with the ‘developing’ world and Africa (also mobile first countries) - via Facebook & One Belt Road, we’ll see the ‘Chinese marketing model’ flourish in those countries (stay tuned for next issue). Net: let’s monitor marketing trends coming out of China. For, it’s likely those trends will be applied to the rest of the world. In which case, we got some schoolin’ to do (read constant connection strategies via the BAT). - Stay human 🙌 (by going to sit at Starbucks versus sitting alone at home with your headphones on).

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