GBP-Episode 4: 🔮 CAI Officer Anyone?

🔥🤖 Subscribe to Apple; Automation nation; U.S. CAI Officer? Amazon first search; Amy Webb’s tech titans of China [👀 The Week’s Insights] >Hello automated marketer. In the AI race between the U.S. & China for talent, America needs a leader who can capture the high ground of technology and keep liberal democracy relevant as the 4th Industrial Revolution begins to flourish. “There is no quarterback” for AI [in the US], says Amy Webb, author of the new book called “The Big Nine,” about the top U.S. and Chinese AI companies. America started with a technology lead, but with U.S. efforts in comparison being dispersed and decentralized - the US is falling behind China. US companies have trouble sharing the structured data that machines can learn on, she notes.

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